State of the Art Protection

E-Z-1 Synthetic Lubricant provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection for practically everything, including steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and wood. Its amazing penetration power lossens rusted nuts and bolts, dissolves tar and asphalt and even cleans, restores and preserves vinyl and wood.

E-Z-1 performs especially well in corrosive environments such as those found near salt water, fresh water, mines, muskeg and brackish waters.

Thousands of uses in every can!

E-Z-1 is a specialty maintenance product formulated to tackle hard jobs.

It gets under dirt, grime and grease to help remove gunky buildup. Use it to remove gunk from tools, vehicles, and all sorts of hardware and equipment. It can also dissolve adhesives to allow easy removal of excess bonding material. It's ability to displace moisture makes it perfect for drying out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits.

One More Thing...

By now, you must realize E-Z-1 Synthetic Lubricant does it all. But we thought you'd like to know our price innovation: Through the use of a non-pump, non-aerosol, bladder container system, you can dispense E-Z-1 from any angle!

So, please, try E-Z-1 all around your shop or plant, take it home for your home and garage projects, take it to the lake for all your fishing and boating equimpment.

"Awesome Product!
We use this on everything in the shop, and have for years!"

~ Joe Deriz, Deriz Body Shop

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